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Benigno Servillano "Ninoy" Aquino, Jr. (November 27, 1932 – August 21, 1983)

The assassination of Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr. in August 21, 1983 like GOMBURZA's execution triggered the Pilipino people to say..."tama na, sobra na!" stood up & raised their arms! But who was Benigno Servillano Aquino, Jr. besides being the rallying point of “The EDSA Revolution?”
In 1899, Aguinaldo made his last stand in Tarlac before he fled to the mountainous North where he was eventually captured by the Americans, with help from the Macabebe Scouts. It was in Tarlac where the Republic fell as the Philippine-American War deteriorated into scattered guerilla operations. One of Aguinaldo’s generals, Servillano Aquino, native of Angeles, retired & resettled in Concepcion to tend to his farm & raise his children, one of whom was Benigno Aquino Sr., Ninoy’s father.
It was also in Tarlac where Pampanga’s revolutionary funds amounting to one million silver pesos ended up & got lost, according to historian Rafaelita Hilario Soriano in her book “The Pampangos.” Soriano’s father, Gen. Tiburcio Hilario, then Governor of Pampanga, turned over the funds to Gen. Antonio Luna in the house of Julian Santos in Tarlac, Tarlac, in the presence of witnesses. Three days later, Gen. Luna was assassinated & nobody knows to this day where the money went, although there are whispers that a prominent family in Tarlac got hold of it.
Ninoy got his political instincts from the Aquino family. His grandfather Servillano Aquino during the struggle against the Gringos, rose to the rank of general! Gen. Servillano was captured & condemned to death for shooting Gringo prisoners, because he said... "they eat too much!" But he was pardon after serving four years in Gringo's jail. To show his hatred & resistance to the US, he refused to learn English & only spoke Tagalog & Spanish, 'till his death.

History was written by the victors & they have the unopposed opportunity to right the wrong they may have committed. Victors without their collaborators, most of the time victory is unattainable. Unfortunately collaborators who joined the losers retained the bad title "collaborator of the enemy" & while collaborators who joined the victors, upgraded their title to "heroes!" ...amazing difference, right? A very good example was the case of Manuel Roxas, a very close associate of Gen. McArthur. During US colonial administration was the Speaker of the House of Representatives, a senator & a member of Quezon cabinet. Upon the escape of Quezon & McArthur from Corregidor because of the sure victory of the invading Japanese forces, Quezon signed a decree making Roxas in line with Qsmena to the presidency in case of his death.

April of 1942, Roxas surrendered or captured, was in the hands of the Japanese. The Japanese aware of Roxas' political innovations, offered the "puppet" presidency before offering the position to Jose Laurel. The assurance of presidency by Quezon under the US might have stop Roxas in accepting the offer. June of 1943, Roxas was the principal author of the "puppet" constitution & worked in the Laurel cabinet as Minister Without Portfolio.

As the 1944 "US Invasion of the Philippines Part II" near, Laurel & his cabinet member fled to Baquio. April 1945 US troops were in Baquio, Laurel's cabinet; Roxas, Jose Yulo, Quintin Paredes, Antonio de las Alas & Teofilo Sison "crossed the US troop lines. Press released by McArthur (like I mentioned, a very close friend of Roxas) indicated; Yulo, Paredes, de las Alas & Sison as "captured." Roxas was reported "liberated." Latter in our history Manuel Roxas was "the first president of the independent Republic of the Philippines."

To name few "Sajonistas" (as Pilipino revolutionaries called Gringo collaborators), now "heroes" Jose Abad Santos, Cayetano Arellano, Pedro Guevara, Efifanio delos Reyes, Luis Quezon, Sergio Osmena & many, many more.

1935 an abortive uprising against the Gringos by the SAKDAL movement headed by Benigno Ramos went to Japan, the country who have been supporting the Philippines against Spain. In 1937 Ramos came back to the Philippines & formed GANAP. The short live GANAP in 1942 was dissolved by the Japanese forces in the Philippines & incorporated it to form KALIBAPI "Kapisanan sa pag Lilingod sa Bagong Pilipinas” or KALIBAPI.
Benigno Aquino Sr., being brought up in a family with a strong resistance against the Gringos & at the young age of 23 was the Speaker of the Lower House, he immediately proposed independence from the US & have close ties with neighbor countries in Asia. Agreeing to head the Kalibapi as its Director-General & his secretary-general was a pro-Japanese former congressman Pio Duran. Aquino made tours of the provinces setting up Kalibapi chapters. Kalibapi was the chief medium for carrying Japanese directions & policies. May, 1943 Kalibapi established "Philippine independence." The National Assembly elected Benigno Aquino Sr. as its speaker. He was replaced by Camilo Osias as director-general.
Benigno Aquino Sr. was incarcerated for treason after WW II for promoting Kalibapi during the Japanese occupation. He was freed on bail & unfortunately while watching a boxing match at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum, Benigno Sr. suffered a heart attack & died. Pilipino nationalist of yesterday & to this day glorify Benigno Sr. for his defiance of the US imperialism!

Ninoy was 14 & pleaded his father's case,
"...why should he have been judged for working with the Japanese when others were praised for cooperating with the Americans? They are both foreigner."
Japan who was a big supporter of Philippine revolution against Spain considered El Presidente Aquinaldo & Gen. Artemio "Vivora" Ricarte to be the "puppet" president during the Japanese occupation. Surprisingly after WW II El Presidente Aquinaldo was offered a government position by the Gringos, but El Presidente ...Refused!!!
At age 17, Ninoy Aquino was the youngest war correspondent to cover the Korean War for the newspaper The Manila Times under Joaquin "Chino" Roces. Because of his journalistic feats, he received a Philippine Legion of Honor award from President Elpidio Quirino at age 18. At 21, he became a close adviser to then defense secretary Ramon Magsaysay.
HukBaLaHap (Hukbong Bayan Laban sa Hapon) or HUK, was a socialist poor peasants fighting for reforms, resisting Japanese & other imperialist invaders. Though fighting with USAFE against the Japanese, but were not funded or given help. Outlawed after WW II, that forced them into guerrilla warfare on Mt. Arayat. With anti communist propaganda by the US, big & small time crimes blamed by the puppet Philippine government to them. Pilipinos feared & had a bad image of the weak & misunderstood Huks.

1953 Magsaysay received a secret message from the head leader of the Huks Ka Luis Taruc, suggesting a talk. With Magsaysay's approval, Manahan preparing to reply, but the young Manila Times reporter Ninoy Aquino was trying on his own to interview Taruc. Aquino knowing proper contacts, challenged Manahan & Manahan fearing leakage, cooperated.

Ninoy & Taruc first met in a village north of Manila in January 1954. Taruc after digging Ninoy's family background, trusted the young reporter. Taruc discussed about poverty, injustice, Philippine agrarian reform & insisting for a complete pardon. Finally on May, Magsaysay asked Ninoy to meet Taruc for the second time. Meeting was set early in the morning at Barrio Santa Maria, Pampanga. This time troops was with him, surrounded the area. Meeting was at 6:30 am & if Ninoy failed to return by 9:00 am, the troops will blow the place down!

According to Ninoy... "Taruc was surrounded by the peasants and he looked like them, in a gray peasant shirt, brown pants & straw hat."
After shaking hands, Ninoy said... “Do you accept the president's terms?"
Ka Luis Taruc said... "I accept."

Ninoy got his front page & boosted his career!!!
1972 a constitutional convention in which the dictator marcos pressed for a change from a presidential to parliamentary, making the him prime minister immediately. Scared that he might not have a chance with the coming 1973 election, with presidential candidates; senator Benigno Aquino Jr., Raul Manlapuz (has been backed & financed by the CIA) & Jaime Ferrer.
January 3, 1969, Jose Ma.Sison head of Kabatang Makabayan & 11 students secretly met in Mangatarem, Pangasinan proclaimed the Communist Party of the Philippines. The 12 had the problem of finding an armed force to carry the plan. Senator Benigno Aquino had an intimate, feudalist relationship with former Hukbong Mapagpalaya ng Bayan, Bernabe Buscayno (Commander Dante), who after dissolving HMB had maintained his own unit in Tarlac, around Hacienda Luisita, a sugar plantation own by the Cojuangco family (Cory Cojuangco Aquino's family). Aquino brought Sison & Dante together. Benigno Aquino, Sison & Buscayno close ally, provided funds to launch CPP/NPA, was the basis for the dictator marcos case against Aquino used to detain him under martial law!
(*) note that one of the first acts of President Cory Aquino was to release Sison & Buscayno from prison.

marcos upset US government, by proclaiming martial law on September 12, 1972 & instituted rule by his own. marcos’ martial law objective was the crushing of rivals of Pilipino elite. Bourgeois opponents arrested, senators Benigno Aquino, Diokno, Osmena & Lopez families. Seizure of Lopez's Meralco, Jacinto's Iligan Steel & many more. In 1980 Benigno Aquino was released from detention & allowed to go to the US for medical reasons. "New Society" was maintained, marcos oppositions in jail, Pilipino people brain washed by the marcos' controled media, he lifted martial law.

August 21, 1983 Aquino who had close association with the State Department & with old CIA contacts, prepared for a return to the Philippines to lead an anti-marcos political movement. Arrived in Manila & was escorted from his plane at the Manila International Airport, “assassinated by a man by the name of Rolando Galman.” Ninoy Aquino's funeral was the biggest & longest funeral since Mahatma Gandhi. The well "orchestrated CIA People Power" followed!

marcos without his "friend" Ronald Regan's support, was forced to agree to leave Malacanang Palace. Disillusion, disoriented, sick, drugged...he though that the plane was taking him & his family to PAOAY , Ilocos, instead they landed in HAWAII in his "friend" Ronald's order.
...let the truth prevail & be the basis for building our identity as a Pilipino,
ka tony (Nov. 27 ’09)

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